Progressive Muscle Relaxation - PMR Pro │ English Edition




Settings and Options

• All exercise forms (short & long) of PMR
• Select Beginner, Advanced or Experienced mode
• Set right or left handed
• Select to practice lying or sitting
• Adjust volume of voice, music & sounds individually
• Set duration of tension (3-10 sec)
• Set pause lengths for relaxation (10-40 sec)
• Select for sleeping or relaxing
• Set a lead time of 10-120 sec
• with / without intro
• Calculate total runtime
• Set timer to continue music / sounds after end
• 5 music tracks & 11 nature sounds

About PMR & content of the app

Edward Jacobson's Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) - also called Deep Muscle Relaxation (DMR) - is a scientifically recognized relaxation method that leads to deep relaxation through muscle tension and relaxation. The PMR is a very effective method of relaxation. It is recommended by doctors and therapists for many stress-related symptoms:

• tensions
• migraine or headache
• inner unrest
• sleep disorders
• back pain / pain
• states of excitement,
• anxiety and panic attacks
• high blood pressure
• psychosomatic complaints
• burnout
• stress and much more

With regular exercise, it will always be easier to get into deeper relaxation. As soon as you have enough exercise and experience with the Basic Form of PMR (17 muscle groups), you can go to the shorter versions (Short Forms with 7 and 4 muscle groups) and finally you can relax also only mentally (Body Scan).

All common 4 forms of PMR

• Basic Form (17 muscle groups)
• Short Form I (7 muscle groups)
• Short Form II (4 muscle groups)
• Mental Form (Body Scan)
for Beginner, Advanced and Experienced are taught and practiced in this app.

Basic Form: 17 Muscle Groups

1. Right hand and forearm
2. Right upper arm
3. Left hand and forearm
4. Left upper arm
5. Forehead
6. Upper cheek part and nose
7. Lower cheek part and jaw
8. Neck
9. Chest, shoulders and upper back
10. Abdominal
11. Buttocks and pelvic floor
12. Right thigh
13. Right lower leg
14. Right foot
15, 16, 17 (-> left side)

Short Form I: 7 Muscle Groups

1. Right hand, forearm, and upper arm
2. Left hand, forearm and upper arm
3. Forehead, cheek part, nose and jaw
4. Neck
5. Chest, shoulders, back, abdominal, buttocks and pelvic floor
6. Right thigh, lower leg and foot
7. Left thigh, lower leg, and foot

Short Form II: 4 Muscle Groups

1. Both hands, forearms and upper arms
2. Facial and neck
3. Chest, shoulders, back, abdominal, buttocks and pelvic floor
4. Both thighs, lower legs and feet

Mental Form: Body Scan

Guided relaxation through the whole body to the feet, starting with the facial and lower jaw and neck. This guide is the last stage of the PMR, in which the perception is directed to individual parts of the body without tensing them. The relaxation is now only mental. Helpful ideas (sun, beach, sea) support.

Music tracks & nature sounds

For all exercises, you can select among 5 relaxation music tracks and 11 nature sounds. The volume can be adjusted individually. If desired, the music & sounds can also be used alone (without speech) to relax or fall asleep.

For sleeping or relaxing

All exercises can be used to fall asleep or to relax with return.

Duration of tension & pauses for relaxation

Set your preferred duration of tension and duration for relaxation between muscle groups.

Timer function

After the end of the exercise an unlimited duration for the music and sounds can be set so that the soft music will deepen your relaxation.

In case of sound issues on a device (known: Galaxy S6)

If there are sound issues in standby (after timeout), please use the KeepScreenOn mode. This is initially preset and can be disabled if not needed.

Listen to a complete audio sample

A complete audio sample of the entire exercise "Basic Form" with 17 muscle groups (Beginner status) is available with the app's default settings on YouTube - 27 min.